Meet the Family

Mary’s has proudly called itself a family-owned-and-operated business since 1959. Through four generations, we have passed down our most valued traditions of family, community and Mary’s made-from-scratch recipes to create restaurant dining experiences that feel like home.

1st Generation

Mary Fazio


Mary Fazio was born and raised in New York City to immigrant parents. Her father, originally from Ischia, Italy, taught Mary how to cook. In 1959, armed with her father’s recipes, she opened the original Shack with only $700 and her own kitchen pots and pans. Mary created a warm and cozy place where friends and family gathered to enjoy her home-cooked meals. Today, her legacy lives on through the third generation of her family.

2nd Generation

Toto Albano

Retired, Mary's Son

Before Mary opened the Shack, Toto worked repairing boats in the navy shipyard in San Francisco. Part Mary’s motivation to open the Shack (besides sharing her food with family and friends) was to create a job for her son so he wouldn’t have to commute to San Francisco every day. Within a year of opening, Toto had joined his mother at the Shack, and went on to expand the family business to 17 locations before retiring in 2000. Little known fact: Toto doesn’t like cheese! His favorite meal is the Napoletana pizza with anchovies and garlic but, you guessed it – no cheese!

Peggy Albano

Retired, Mary's Daughter-in-law

Peggy is Toto’s wife and Mary’s daughter-in-law. Peggy was Mary’s first bookkeeper at the original Shack. When she wasn’t busy raising four kids, she was filling in at the Shack wherever needed. She went on to manage Design & Decor before passing it on to her daughter, Nanette, in 1990. Peggy is now retired and resides in Sonoma. Her favorite meal is our Spaghetti with Clams.

Anna Byerly

Mary's Daughter

Anna joined the family business working at the original Shack, and when we moved down the street to the current Boyes Hot Springs location, Anna served as the Purchasing Manager until she retired in 1995. She was known for her profound negotiating skills, keen eye on quality control, and mentoring many of us on customer service during her years at the Shack. Anna passed away in 2019, but her passion for mentoring and teaching lives on in the culture that Mary’s holds on to today.

3rd Generation

Vince Albano


Vince is the grandson of founder Mary Fazio, so it’s safe to say that he’s been working for the company since he was born. Vince started small; his first official job was picking up forks that had fallen under the porch of the original Shack. He then worked his way up through the company, eventually serving as COO before taking over as CEO in 2010. In the winter months, Vince enjoys Mary’s homemade soups with warm sourdough bread, and in the summer he prefers Mary’s Signature Salad with Mary’s homemade Italian and blue cheese dressing.

Charlew Byerly

Owner, Anderson and Redding Locations

Charlew is Mary’s grandson and Anna’s son. He joined the family business at the Boyes Hot Springs location as a pizza maker. Now, alongside his wife, Kathy Byerly, Charlew owns and operates two locations in Anderson and Redding.

Marie Albano-Dito

Marketing & Sponsorships

Marie is Mary’s granddaughter and focuses on Marketing & Community Engagement. Marie started working at the original Shack when she was 10 years old. She folded boxes, bussed tables and washed dishes. Her favorite memory is working alongside her Noni in the original Shack.

Cully Williamson

Owner, Rohnert Park location

Cully is Mary’s grandson-in-law and owner, alongside Terri Albano-Williamson, of the Rohnert Park Mary’s location. He started as the General Manager of the Boyes Hot Springs restaurant in 1981 and went on to become CEO for 11 years. In his tenure, he helped expand Mary’s to 17 locations across Sonoma and Solano counties. His favorite meal is the Chicken Parmigiana.

Nanette Albano-Lane

Design & Decor

Nanette is Mary’s first grandchild. She spent her childhood in the original Shack learning how to roll dough from her father, Toto Albano, before being promoted to a server. She now manages Design & Decor for all Mary’s locations—using her fond memories of the original Shack to create welcoming restaurant environments that make our customers feel at home. Her favorite meal is the Mary’s Signature Salad with Mary’s homemade Italian dressing.

Bruce Lane

IT Director

Bruce has been the IT Director at Mary’s for 14 years. Prior to that, he lead the HR and Purchasing departments, for a total of 23 years with the company. Before joining Mary’s, Bruce owned and operated two businesses in Lake Tahoe. His go-to order at Mary’s is a thin crust pizza with pepperoni, onion and garlic.

4th Generation

Graziano Albano-Dito

Pizza Maker & Delivery Driver, Sonoma Plaza

Graziano has worked since he was 12 years old as a Pizza Maker, learning from his Nonno (Toto). He added delivery driving while attending college at SRJC. He is in his last semester there, majoring in Mechanical Engineering, and will finish up at either Long Beach, San Jose State, or Chico.

Our Extended Family

Kyle Reese

Senior Regional Manager

Kyle started in February of 1995 as a Pizza Maker. Within months, he moved into a management position, working his way up to General Manager in 2000. After years of training and developing managers, Kyle became a Regional Manager in 2012. His hobbies include rebuilding old BMX bikes, drumming, and making pizzas.

Robin Carlson

Director of Human Resources

Robin began her career at Mary’s when she was just a teenager, creating beautiful salads and working her way up through the company to her current position as Director of Human Resources, which she landed in 2008. Robin’s history with the company enables her to make educated decisions on policies, procedures and programs developed to inspire Mary’s employees.

Mike Sheppard

Procurement Director

Mike started with Mary’s at the age of 16, and has since held just about every position imaginable over his 28 years with the company—from dishwasher to Regional Manager—and even met his wife at Mary’s along the way! Mike now serves as the Purchasing Manager for Mary’s, a position he’s held for the past five years.

Jacob Perez

Marketing Director

Jacob started out at Mary’s Pizza Shack back in 2008 as a Delivery Driver and Pizza Maker, working his way up to General Manager of a few of our locations. In 2015, Jacob became our first Catering Sales Manager before working his way up to where he is today as our Marketing Director. Jacob still likes to make his own pizza when he dines in to make sure his skills stay fresh!

Shanon Thompson

Technical Operations Specialist

Shanon has worked for Mary’s for over 26 years. He started out as a dishwasher and has since held management positions at several locations, as Regional Manager and then Senior Regional Manager. Shanon’s technical expertise led him to his current role overseeing all technical operations for the company.