Meet the Family

Mary’s has proudly called itself a family-owned-and-operated business since 1959. Through four generations, we have passed down our most valued traditions of family, community and Mary’s made-from-scratch recipes to create restaurant dining experiences that feel like home.

1st Generation

Mary Fazio


Mary Fazio was born and raised in New York City to immigrant parents. Her father, originally from Ischia, Italy, taught Mary how to cook. In 1959, armed with her father’s recipes, she opened the original Shack with only $700 and her own kitchen pots and pans. Mary created a warm and cozy place where friends and family gathered to enjoy her home-cooked meals. Today, her legacy lives on through the third generation of her family.

2nd Generation

Toto Albano

Retired, Mary's Son

Before Mary opened the Shack, Toto worked repairing boats in the navy shipyard in San Francisco. Part Mary’s motivation to open the Shack (besides sharing her food with family and friends) was to create a job for her son so he wouldn’t have to commute to San Francisco every day. Within a year of opening, Toto had joined his mother at the Shack, and went on to expand the family business to 17 locations before retiring in 2000. Little known fact: Toto doesn’t like cheese! His favorite meal is the Napoletana pizza with anchovies and garlic but, you guessed it – no cheese!

3rd Generation

Terri & Cully Williamson

Owners, Santa Rosa Summerfield & Marlow Rd. Locations
Terri is one of Mary Fazio’s granddaughters and grew up in the family business. Cully started with Mary’s on January 9, 1981, serving as the CEO from 1998 – 2009. In his tenure, Cully opened a handful of Mary’s locations, including both Santa Rosa stores. After 2009, Terri and Cully owned the Mary’s Pizza Shack in Rohnert Park, whose business model inspired the transition to direct owner operating for the family!

Nanette Albano-Lane & Bruce Lane

Owners, Boyes Hot Springs & Windsor Locations

Bruce was the IT Director at Mary’s for almost 20 years and an active part of the Mary’s Senior Management. Nanette is Mary’s first grandchild. She spent her childhood in the original Shack learning how to roll dough from her father, Toto Albano, before being promoted to a server. For years, she now managed Mary’s Design & Decor for all Mary’s locations—and now brings all of her experience and creativity to our Boyes Hot Springs and Windsor locations.

Marie Albano-Dito & Vince Dito

Owners, Sonoma Plaza & Petaluma

Marie is Mary’s granddaughter and started working at the original Shack when she was 10 years old. She folded boxes, bussed tables and washed dishes. Recently, Marie for many years helped manage marketing and community engagement before becoming the owner alongside her husband of the Sonoma Plaza and Petaluma location. Vince Dito brings decades of food development experience, having served as Mary’s Food & Beverage Director.

Vince & Dana Albano

Owners, Napa

Vince is Mary’s grandson and worked at the original Shack as a kid with his first job being to pick up the utensils that fell through the patio flooring. As an adult, Vince served in key operational roles, opening locations and developing systems and practices that are still in use today. Since 2009, Vince served as Mary’s Chief Executive Officer before re-opening the Napa location with long-time Mary’s manager, Mayra Martinez.

4th Generation

Jonnie & Chase Williamson

Owners, Rohnert Park

Chase is Terri & Cully’s son, who together with Jonnie, are owners of the Rohnert Park location. No strangers to hospitality and local legacies, Jonnie & Chase opened Steele & Hopps Public House along with Terri & Cully in July of 2016. Jonnie’s focus is managing restaurant operations at Rohnert Park, and Chase serves as Community Support, working with programs such as SoCo Job Links and other local organizations that center on bringing equity and access for our unhoused neighbors in the area.

Our Extended Family

Kyle & Jen Reese

Owners, Mary's Pizza Shack Vacaville & Fairfield

Kyle started in February of 1995 as a Pizza Maker. Within months, he moved into a management position, working his way up to General Manager in 2000. After years of training and developing managers, Kyle became a Regional Manager in 2012, until he became owner of the Mary’s Pizza Shack in Vacaville in September of 2022 and Fairfield in February of 2023.

Mayra Martinez & Silvano Hererra

Owners, Napa

Mayra has been with Mary’s for decades, working various management roles across a number of our locations. In 2023, her and Vince Albano re-opened the beloved Napa location.