WOW Wednesday: Jason

When our Crew Members go above and beyond for our customers or employees, we love to recognize it through our WOW Program!

Our WOW Wednesday feature this week is Jason, General Manager at our Fairfield location. Jason’s commitment to making our guests and crew members feel a part of our family even outside the four walls of our restaurant is a perfect demonstration of the way Mary ran her restaurant almost sixty years ago.

A Mentor

Jason received a call from a former employee, and they called to say “thank you!” When they interviewed with Jason years ago, he gave them a shot, and not only that, but taught the employee a lot during the time they worked for Jason. The crew member had recently moved to Seattle, landed a really great job with the potential to become a successful career, owing a lot of the business skills they learned to Jason. He was the best manager they had worked for, and little known to Jason at the time: the crew member was going through a handful of personal issues at home when they originally worked for Mary’s. Jason’s work ethic, solid mentoring and personal advice helped improve their outlook during that time of transition, ultimately setting them up for the success they were realizing in Seattle.

Taking Care of our Guests

On his way to work, Jason stopped by another local restaurant to grab a bite to eat for breakfast. He saw another Mary’s regular customer walking into this establishment around the same time, and said “hello.” The regular customer was an elderly man that frequented several of the locally owned restaurants in the area, and was a favorite of the crew at Mary’s, so Jason sat down and chatted with the customer over breakfast, and even purchased his meal when Jason found out over conversation that it was the customer’s 90th birthday just a few weeks before.

Thank you to Jason for making an impact in the lives of our crew members and guests even beyond the four walls of our restaurant!


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