WOW Wednesday: Kayla

When our Crew Members go above and beyond for our customers or employees, we love to recognize it through our WOW Program!

Our WOW Wednesday feature this week is Kayla, server at our Vacaville location. We have two stories to share with you, sent to us from her manager team (pictured above), that exemplify what Mary’s service standards are all about.

A New Nickname

Kayla recently came to the rescue of one of our guests who had just undergone surgery and was temporarily lacking motor skills in her arm. The guest was trying to check her phone when the phone fell out of her hand and inconveniently bounced into one of the cracks between the frame of a booth and the structural wall. Kayla was nearby and jumped to help the guest – and get this, it wasn’t even her table! While the customer was grateful when Kayla eventually was able to get the cell phone, it was her method that amused the guest and our crew members most. Kayla was able to retrieve the phone using two long objects like chopsticks, earning her the nickname, “Sticks.”

A Helpful Hand

We had a surprise birthday party reserved in the banquet room one evening, and the woman who was hosting wanted to come in early to decorate.  Unfortunately, she ended up running late and only had about 10 minutes to decorate before everyone started to show up. Kayla, who was on her meal break at the time, noticed the woman scrambling to get her decorations set up and went to the backroom to ask if she could help with anything. The woman told Kayla she was upset that her flowers were wilting so Kayla offered to trim the stems and put them in water right away. She proceeded to help hang up decorations along the walls and tables. The guest was worried Kayla was busy with other customers so Kayla reassured her it was no problem and she was more than happy to help her. Grateful for Kayla’s help, the guest thanked her and asked her if she would wait on them when the party arrived, which she did. Overall the party was very pleased with the excellent service and happy with their Mary’s experience. Good job Kayla!

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