WOW Wednesday: Oscar

When our Crew Members go above and beyond for our customers or employees, we love to recognize it through our WOW Program!

Our WOW Wednesday feature this week is Oscar, Pizza Maker extraordinaire at our Napa location. Oscar’s management team recognized his willingness to go above and beyond his “job” to make our customers feel at home.

A Birthday Fist Pump 🙂

Oscar was making pizzas on a busy night. The servers were starting to get a little behind, so Oscar personally took one of the pizzas that had just come out to the table. When he delivered it, he started chatting with the guest who had ordered it, an elderly woman that had come in by herself. She told Oscar that it was her birthday that evening, but didn’t want to bring a lot of attention to herself.

Oscar wished her a happy birthday and went back to let the server know, helped make the birthday dessert and took it to her. Instead of singing happy birthday, he quietly wished her once more a happy day, gave her a friendly fist pump and went on with his day. The customer was both happy and moved that he did not embarrass her, and let the General Manager know it was one of the nicest things someone could have done to help ring in year 90. Way to go, Oscar!

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