WOW Wednesday: Rich

When our Crew Members go above and beyond for our customers or employees, we love to recognize it through our WOW Program!

Our WOW Wednesday feature this week is Rich, General Manager at our Windsor location. Anyone who has met Rich has been uplifted by his personality, and impacted by his generosity. He embodies what makes Mary’s such a special place in our communities!

Care for Customers

We have a pair of incredible regular customers that frequently visit us, sit down and dine-in our restaurant, Mary and her son Phillip. Phillip has an ailment that affects his muscles and has a hard time getting around. He uses a walker and struggles at times when using it.

One day Mary came in alone and asked for food to-go. Rich asked where her son was and why they aren’t dining in with us. Mary told Rich that she had forgotten the walker at home before they left, and so she would just have to bring the food home with them.

Rich knows Phillip enjoys getting out and was probably sitting in the car disappointed. Rich called on one of the cooks in the kitchen to assist him. The two of them went out to the car and helped Phillip into the restaurant and to a table. Mary and Phillip were deeply moved that Rich did this for them. The cook and Rich waited for them to finish their meal, then they both got Phillip out to his car. He had a full tummy and a big smile on his face when they pulled out for home.

A Christmas Visit

This WOW was written to us by another General Manager, who wrote a personal letter of gratitude for Rich and his personal care for their family.

On Christmas Eve, as we sat with our baby on her first Christmas, some friends from work as well as my wife and I were gathered in the living room.

We heard a loud KNOCK on the door. My wife looked at me big eyed and said, “Who is that?!” Sounds like a policeman knock. We hesitantly opened the door and to our surprise, it was Santa Clause, Big Red, Saint Nick himself!

He comes bursting through the door with a jolly voice, “HO HO HO! Merry Christmas!” We were SHOCKED and downright speechless. It only took a few seconds, though, to realize it was Rich Volz, General Manager extraordinaire and Santa Clause!

He picked up our daughter and they shared a smile, he rocked her, wished us all a Mary Christmas and he was OUT!!! The whole experience was astonishing to me, the generosity of one man, to forfeit his Christmas Eve to bring joy to others embodies the true spirit of what Christmas is all about.  Thank you, Rich.

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