WOW Wednesday: Ronnie

When our Crew Members go above and beyond for our customers or employees, we love to recognize it through our WOW Program!

Our WOW Wednesday feature this week is Ronnie, bartender at our Sonoma Plaza location. We have two stories to share with you, sent to us from her manager team (pictured above), that exemplify what Mary’s service standards are all about.

Lunchtime Connoisseur

A couple from out of town showed up for lunch, having never before heard of Mary’s Pizza Shack, and Ronnie was their server. She took the time to go over every menu item and show them what pasta shapes and styles we offer. She also took out small portions of our sauces so they could sample and understand better what we offer. The vacationing couple were so thrilled at the personalized service and expertise, that they joked about planning another vacation to Sonoma in the winter, just to see Ronnie and, this time, bring the whole family!

A Warm Invite

On one of her shift’s breaks, Ronnie was catching some fresh air on the sidewalk in front of our restaurant. She saw a group of tourists standing nearby, debating on whether or not they wanted to eat at Mary’s (those familiar with the layout of the Sonoma Plaza know that there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to dining). Never a stranger to anyone, Ronnie eagerly went up to them, and started talking about how delicious our food is, how good of a selection our bar has, and that they could even watch their favorite sport on one of our televisions in the bar. Having been impressed and amused by Ronnie’s energy, the group decided they were going to come in, have some “pizza, pasta, and amore!”

Great job Ronnie for always going above and beyond our guests’ expectations!

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