WOW Wednesday: Zoe

When our Crew Members go above and beyond for our customers or employees, we love to recognize it through our WOW Program!

Our WOW Wednesday feature this week is Zoe, server at our Santa Rosa Downtown location. We have two stories to share with you, sent to us from her manager team (pictured above), that exemplify what Mary’s service standards are all about.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Zoe received several compliments one evening from multiple tables. One of the tables went out of their way to let the managers know about Zoe’s outstanding service to them, even though they were not her table. They happened to be seated at a table next to her section; their server was running a little behind, so Zoe got drinks for them and helped their server bring out food. They were surprised that she took the time to help out another customer, even if she didn’t directly benefit from it – a true demonstration of teamwork.

Being a Good Neighbor

A very touching example of WOW-service came one night on a busy shift when the store noticed a gentleman standing outside in the patio, not quite at the entrance, but not close enough to a table to be a guest. Being located in downtown, the manager team didn’t think too much about it – after all, people stroll, stand by, and look inside our location in the high foot traffic area frequently. After a few minutes of noticing the gentleman not making too many movements, Zoe went out to check on the gentleman to see if he needed anything. It turns out he was blind, and he was a little stuck – with the congested background noise, he wasn’t able to find his way out of our patio. He lived nearby and thanked Zoe when she took it upon herself to help him walk his way out of the area. But her level of generosity didn’t end there. She then told our host she would be back and walked him down the road to his apartment to make sure he got home safe. This is going well above and beyond what we expect and shows just great human decency. Nice job Zoe.

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