Mary’s Hot Toddy

House Bourbon infused with Brown Sugar, Apples and Cinnamon. Served hot with honey, lemon, orange, and cloves.

Barrel Aged Manhattan

Bourbon, sweet vermouth and bitters, blended and barrel rested in house for 6 months. Served up with a cherry.

Young and Yonder Old Fashioned

The original old fashioned: American rye whiskey, sugar and bitters, over a large ice cube and garnished with an orange peel.

Paper Plane

Bourbon, Amaro Nonino, Aperol, Lemon. Served up with an orange zest.

Walk the Line

House made sarsaparilla syrup, bourbon, lemon, soda. Served tall with a lemon disc.

I Want You to Want Me

Gin, house made cordial of rosemary and fresh cranberries, simple and lime. Served on a big cube.

London Calling

JJ Pfister Gin and house made tonic. Served on the rocks with a lime.

Bad Moon Rising

Hooker House Bourbon, lemon, simple, zinfandel float. Served on a big cube.