Bambino Pizza

An 8-inch pizza with 1 traditional topping. Add traditional toppings for 2.00 each or specialty toppings for 2.50 each.

Half Sandwich

The perfect portion for those that want just a little less. Available for the Chicken & Bacon Club, Turkey Supremo, and Half Meatball Sandwich. Served with your choice of a bowl of soup, fries, or a side Mary’s Signature or Caesar salad.

BBQ Chicken Pizza

  Chicken breast, pepper bacon, white cheddar, jalapeños, and crispy fried onions on BBQ sauce.

Mary’s Signature Salad included, or one of the following: a side Caesar salad | a cup of homemade soup AND fresh sourdough bread ADD-ONS + grilled chicken for 5.75 + substitute gluten-free penne for $1.00

Hot Dog in a Blanket Combo

An all-beef hot dog with mozzarella wrapped in our pizza dough and served with your choice of a cup of soup, fries, or a side Mary’s or Caesar salad.